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Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services


Veterinary x-rays are a powerful and useful tool. Detailed digital images are taken and can be displayed on a computer almost immediately, which means we can diagnose a wide range of medical conditions quickly and accurately.

This is why we have a state-of-the-art digital veterinary x-ray machine by SOUND, the leading manufacturer of this type of equipment in the country.

Digital X-rays can also be saved to a disk, or emailed to you as part of your pet’s home medical record. Images can be easily shared via email with specialists when a second opinion or additional diagnosis is needed.

Your pet’s time on the x-ray table is also reduced because fewer images need to be taken.

Digital x-rays eliminate the need to use toxic chemicals in the film development process, decreasing the risk of exposure to our staff and the environment.


Ultrasound is an essential diagnostic tool because it allows us a look at your pet’s heart and internal organs without surgery or sedation.

Ultrasound is invaluable for making treatment decisions for various types of heart disease, assessing the function and health of internal organs, identifying lesions and determining their origin and to see if they have spread to other areas of the body.

In most cases, the procedure is relatively brief and your pet is able to go home the very same day.

Note: Pitman Animal Hospital has visiting specialists perform ultrasounds on certain days.

Our Veterinary Lab

One of the most important aspects of any preventive medicine regimen is the ability to analyze how well your pet’s internal organs and processes are functioning. Are the kidneys and liver doing their jobs at removing waste from the blood stream? Does your pet have internal parasites?

Laboratory testing allows us a view inside your pet’s body without the need for invasive or expensive procedures. This is why Pitman Animal Hospital maintains an in-house laboratory and regularly tests your pet during wellness exams or when we suspect your pet may have a health issue. Our laboratory allows us to perform urinalysis, parasite identification, fungal cultures, complete blood count, blood chemistry testing, electrolytes and more. In some cases, we can receive results within minutes.

We also perform testing prior to procedures that require anesthesia. This is a precautionary step to reveal any underlying problems your pet may have, thus reducing the likelihood of anesthetic or surgical complications.

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